Niagara Falls’ New Virtual Reality Arcade

Niagara Falls new Virtual reality

Niagara Falls Fun Zone has welcomed the first Virtual reality arcade game. This brand-new attraction offers visitors a new experience through virtual reality. With level 99 VR, players can experience new worlds as well as sports games, and real-life situations. This new attraction is fun for all ages and is a must when visiting the Niagara Falls Fun Zone.

The virtual reality game is the only one of its kind in Niagara, the Oculus headset, one of the best in the world allows you to fully diverse yourself into the game, targeting all your senses.

Once you put the headset on and grab the controls, it is all up to you. No matter where you look or how you maneuver you will be completely consumed by what is around you, the headset is like nothing you have ever experienced.

The Virtual reality game offers experiences for all ages, fight off monsters in a different dimension or kick the ball around on the soccer field. It can transport you to anywhere you want to go at any time.

Kids will love it and parents will love it too.